The dance production ‘Home Parkour’ is physical theater, performance and research in a created space with an object. It incorporates results and information that was gathered over the past 10 years, including the experience we gained with several performance projects we created (like ‘Free Fall’, ‘Calculated Risk’ or ‘Freestyle’) that relate to this subject. The production ‘Home Parkour’ is based on what we today call Bodyparkour.

‘Home Parkour’ is a “limited space” version of the Bodyparkour project. It revolves around an abstraction of a living room where the performers are living their everyday life. In this realistic but stylized space (iron/wood cube, made out of a scaffold with attached wood panels), the objects & obstacles effect the performer’s pathways in that artificial mobile home. The performers are forced to use their creative & acrobatic movement to get from A to B in the apartment. The random pathways generate meeting & cross points where the movement-based “conflicts” are “born”. This simple fact, the limited space and the objects, create the physical and occasionally poetic “story”.


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